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What could Koreans beget ?
There is nothing except for Hangul !


If you are Koreans, please strongly recognize that you can't come up with nothing about technology, arts, academic researches, culture and goods in in everyday life which are firstly invented by Koreans except for Hangul which is inherent letters to the Korean peninsula.

The all images below are the result of Google machine translation tools from Hangul to English and you will be understood that night and chestnut in English are homonym (I. e. each of two or more words having the same spelling or pronunciation but different meanings and origins.) in Hangul.
You will be able to find that the same pronunciation in Korean completely expressed in the same Hangul letters, in other word, despite there is a huge number of homonym in Korea, all homonym is expressed completely same Hangul letters.

Although "flower=ˈflou (ə) r" and "flour=flou (ə) r" in English is completely same pronunciation (I. e. homonym), English, which is phonetic characters can express reciprocal different letters. On the other hand, Hangul, which is a phonetic character as well as English can't express different letters like a above example, and that is the crucial difficulty of Hangul which is substantially near the phonetic symbol rather than phonetic character.

As a matter of fact, despite the crucial and ludicrous deficit of Hangul, there could be no dispute about the fact that The Koreans believe that Hangul is the most excellent phonetic character in the world, in a nutshell, Hangul is the pride of Koreans, but Hangul is nothing but symbol about very stupid arrogance and vanity of The Koreans from the viewpoints of The Japanese.

Hangul, which is phonetic characters was created at Korean peninsula in the 15th century. However, Hangul were never considered as official characters was in Rhee dynasty periods, Chinese characters completely was the official characters were in Korean peninsula, Therefore, all official records of Rhee dynasty periods were written in Chinese characters.

It does not matter what Hangul were not officially used in Rhee dynasty periods at Korean peninsula, but it is the cause of various abominable fact about modern Koreans.

Hangul is substantially the phonetic symbol, please see machine translation result.









gentleman=Shinto shrine

prime number=decimal

abnormal=more than

fixed amount=semen

As the natural results, truth to tell, a great majority of Koreans can't understand various complex and abstract contents written in Hangul, and that is the cause of the perpetual anti-Japan sentiment among Koreans. Therefore, redress of anti-Japan sentiment among Koreans would be clearly impossible!.

Moreover, as a matter of fact, there are more large number of homonyms between Korean and Japanese, for instance,


So, it's never joke that self-defense forces in Japan also are masturbation forces in Hangul.

Hangul clearly the worst phonetic characters in the world, considering that fact that more than 50 million peoples are actually using, and characteristic of Hangul which are often pointed out in Japan is as follows.

1. Because of extremely large numbers of homonyms, misunderstanding often occurs in the case that short sentence which consisting within ten letters. For instance, please enter "I like chestnut" and "I like night" in Google machine translation.

2. Hangul is never suitable for contents which are complex and abstract, so readers of Koreans very frequently make a misunderstanding for such a contents.

3. On the other hand, Hangul is suitable for emotional and sentimental expression.

4. Hangul is very suitable for abuse expression to others. Therefore, Koreans have extremely huge abuse expression to others, so Google machine translation tool is never effective for translation of postings in Hangul on the Internet.

By the way, Koreans have no awardees about science related famous prizes, to say nothing of Nobel prizes, but there are enough equipments for scientific researching in domestic and Korea'S university graduation rate is the highest among OECD countries.

  South Korea Japan
prizes winner 0 at least over 220
population size about 50 million about 125 million
from my investigation.

What means that this contradictory, strange and abnormal data, and the fact that there is really and truly nothing what could Koreans DNA beget?

That very strongly suggests that Koreans DNA has a kind of defect, and to my regret, definite statement in a population genetics paper below indicates that Koreans DNA is very unique and strange. in other words, phenomena (i.e. results of Koreans DNA) and scientific analyzing of Koreans DNA are completely agreed.

cited from
"Whole genome sequencing of 35 individuals provides insights into the genetic architecture of Korean population"
Wenqian Zhanget al.

[ In contrast with the SNVs common to other populations in HapMap and 1KGP, the Korean only SNVs had high percentages of non-silent variants, emphasizing the unique roles of these Korean only SNVs in the Korean population.]

「Therefore, we rationally conjectured that Korean only SNVs prevalent across many of the individuals would be more important for treating Koreans differently from other populations in the personalized medicine.」

[Therefore, we inferred that special attention should be made for the Korean population when treated for the above mentioned terms related diseases, since other populations did not carry those Korean only SNVs. 」

Publication costs of this article were funded by the US government.]
(Notes:This paper substantially was written by FDA in the United Staes)

The following points are scientific facts of Korean DNA, indecating the uniquness of genetic structure.
1. Unusual high ratio of nonsynonymous variants compared with other population.
2.Strange distribution of minor allele of frequency and of Korean only variants.