Korean society is clearly an abnormal and the cause is DNA.


While it is widely recognized internationally that North Korea is an "abnormal country," on the other hand, few people around the world know that South Korea is actually a truly abnormal country. Figuratively speaking, North Korea is a "huge POW camp" and South Korea is a "huge mental hospital".

North Korea and South Korea, both ethnic populations carry extremely unique DNA inherent to Koreans, which completely differs from Chinese and Japanese who are adjacent countries, according to whole genome sequencing papers(=population genetics papers).

Please strongly keep in minds that this crucial fact of Koreans DNA was only discovered has been found for the first time after when was next generation sequencing developed, in other words, after Illumina was established in 1998.

Concretely speaking, when whole genome sequencing in a deep coverage rate to decipher the genetic structure for sample of the target population consisting of comparatively many individuals(=sample) has been possible, about 2010, genetic architecture of Koreans DNA was generally deciphered.

In other words, Koreans very unique genetic structure absolutely can't be elucidated without whole genome sequencing or whole exon sequencing.

For instance,

1. [ A subset of the nsSNPs showed remarkably high allele frequencies among the Koreans studied compared to other populations, including Europeans and west Africans represented in the HapMap project.]

cited from
"Extensive genomic and transcriptional diversity identifiedthrough massively parallel DNA and RNA sequencing ofeighteen Korean individuals"
Young Seok Ju et al.

2. [ In contrast with the SNVs common to other populations in HapMap and 1KGP, the Korean only SNVs had high percentages of non-silent variants, emphasizing the unique roles of these Korean only SNVs in the Korean population.]

cited from
"Whole genome sequencing of 35 individuals provides insights into the genetic architecture of Korean population"
Wenqian Zhanget al.

I can affirm with great confidence that the ethnicity of Koreans creates both North Korea and South Korea who are clearly abnormal society, and I can assert that abnormal Korean society, both North Korea and South Korea, has been formed by their very unique DNA.
However, to my regret, I can't obtain the detailed data and exact information of North Korea, so I will only mention South Korea.about the abnormal situation.

various data indicating the abnormality of South Korea

I am very glad because I was not born in South Korea.

Data #1 from my investigation

Koreans has not at all, received any of science related awards in the academic field, to say nothing of Nobel prizes, despite there is enough scientific research equipment in domestic.

Please note that Korea’s university completion rate tops among OECD countries.

From stochastic view point basing on the two facts (i.e. enough scientific research equipment and very high university completion rate), This is a phenomenon that rarely happens, therefore, I infer that the cause is "environment not but "Koreans DNA".
  South Korea Japan
prizes winner 0 at least over 220
population size about 50 million about 125 million

Data #2 from United Nations

According to the UN crime statistics, the number of scam-related crimes in South Korea is about 9 times that of Japan. When it comes to false charges, the number is at least 500 times that of Japan, the highest in the world!

As for scam related crimes, At least, there is no doubts that South Korea has the highest number of fraud-related crimes among OECD countries. It would be a natural thing that the fundamental cause is in both genetic factor and environment among Koreans.

Data #3 from Korean government

1 of 25 of young Korean women are prostitutes, according to the South Korean government announcement in 2003, and about half a million to 1.2 million Korean women participate in the prostitution industry, according to investigation by nongovernment organization.

In South Korea, cosmetic surgery for double eyelids don't consider as a kind of plastic surgery, but merely "sense like going to nail salon". If even cosmetic surgery for double eyelids is included, almost all young females in South Korea make cosmetic surgery, and such a situation around cosmetic surgery among young Korean female has relation to the prostitution industry in South Korea, In other words, South Korea is the "great nation of prostitution". Although It is an embarrassment, subject of the overwhelming majority of Japanese male tripping in South Korea is prostitution, because there is no attractive tourist spot in South Korea.

Data #4 from OECD report

South Korea is the highest prevalence of depression in OECD coutries.

Mental health issues in South Korea has deeply and widely relation to traditional and modern Korean society.

Confucianism was very deeply pervade traditional Korean society, even compared with China who is the origin and "creator" of Confucianism, And the essence of Confucianism, in a word, is the clarification of hierarchical relationship in society.

As the natural results, traditional Korean society has continued from the 15th century as a very strict hierarchical society compared with China and Japan. In a strict hierarchical society in Korean peninsula, Koreans are looking down on others who are lower "status" which are decided by age, rank in traditional society and gender difference.

So, even in the todays, it became a tradition with the Koreans that it is no problem that Koreans are haughty to more lower status others who are decided by age, jobs and gender difference. For instance, occupations that include working with food or hospitality – such as hotels, bars or restaurants are despised as humiliating occupations in South Korea.

furious Korean female in South Korea

Moreover, Koreans extraordinary hate mental illness patients who are in families and relatives, affecting by Confucianism. Therefore, despite the national mental health crisis in South Korea, the problem is rarely discussed and often neglected in South Korean society. The drivers of this problem are diverse, but many point to the increasingly competitive and stressful culture surrounding work, life, and family in South Korea.

There are no doubts that South Korea is the most stressful nation among OECD countries, However, it's not that competitive and stressful culture like South Korea are created by only Confucianism, that just are created both Confucianism (i.e. environment) and Koreans DNA, because the origin of Confucianism is China.

Please strongly keep in minds that just because Confucianism have a strong effect to Korean society, it doesn't mean that only Confucianism creates stressful Koreans society. In other words, traditional viewpoint to Korean society clearly lacks view points by population genetics, and Koreans DNA is very unique, according to the paper below.

Whole genome sequencing of 35 individuals provides insights into the genetic architecture of Korean population
[cited from the paper above]
Publication costs of this article were funded by the US government.

Data #5 from OECD report

South Korea is the highest suicide rate country in OECD coutries.

Data #6 from the world bank report

South Korea’s total fertility rate, which is the number of children each woman is expected to give birth to during her lifetime was the lowest in the world for the last three years.

Data #7 from my investigation

The paper below clearly and successfully extract variants inherent to Koreans.

Whole genome sequencing of 35 individuals provides insights into the genetic architecture of Korean population
[cited from the paper above]
Publication costs of this article were funded by the US government.
Additional file 7

I have investigated the relation between gene names in Additional file 7 and mental disorders, as the results, I have found that it is beyond all doubts that a great majority of variants inherent to Koreans have in relation to mental diseases, personality disorders and human personality. As for details, please visit Korean only variants.

The very unique and strange Koreans DNA has caused the various abnormal phehenomen in South Korea as mentioned above!. That is to say, Koreans DNA is definitely "insane as metaphor" according to the above population genetics paper, In other words, various strange and abnormal phenomena in Soth Korea have been caused by Koreans DNA, but not environment (I. e. Confucianism), and I infer that the overwhelming majority of researchers about Korean society have misunderstood that it is the result of the impact of Confucianism, at least, I can assert that researchers of Korean society too much emphasis the influence of Confucianism.

The crucial point is the Koreans DNA, but not Confucianism.

Which university did you graduate from?

It is almost little know that South Korea is at an extraordinary competitive society which competition by unfair methods spread over the whole society. Therefore, peoples in South Korea are seeking "justice in the competition" among Koreans because too many dirty methods use in their competition. So,they found answer that "which college did you graduate from?", in other words, only the university entrance exam is fair competition for Koreans. For instance, although it's unbelievable thing, signboard at many personal clinic describe not only a doctor name but also graduated university name, according to Korean novelist.

In a word, South Korea is a strange society abnormally emphasizing academic background when they evaluate others. Therefore, Korean high school students are forced to study for long hours, because university entrance exams will determine social status and income in their life.

In the event that you don't believe the above contents, please visit BBC article "South Korea: The life-changing exam that won't stop for a pandemic"

Lies and scam widespread in the whole society in the Korean peninsula, please read with no charge "Korea and Her Neighbors" by Isabella Bird Bishop.

Conclusionally speaking, Korean society is "sick", "abnormal" and "Insein" society because of lie's infestation and stresses by very unique DNA (i.e. genetic factor) and Confucianism (i.e. embiromental factor). You are a liar like Koreans. This phrase shall spread over the world within the next four decades, if people around the world know the various abnormal fact, in Korean peninsula and very strange and unique genetic structure of Korean DNA

The following points are scientific facts of Korean DNA, indecating the uniquness of genetic structure.
1. Unusual high ratio of nonsynonymous variants compared with other population.
2.Strange distribution of minor allele of frequency and of Korean only variants.